2 more screens to retouch your shots and edit your content on-the-go.
Watch your rush, edit and visualize the result simultaneously.

Dual portable monitors designed for professional content producers.

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14 days free return
International warranty
Work on the go, just as efficiently
as if you were at your office.

From Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, and After Effect to apps like Canva, using one or two extra-monitors will save you a tremendous amount of time. No more switching between your windows. Visualize, edit and have all your tools at the same time.

Start editing on set, don't wait to get back to the office to do so.

Slide was designed for content creators who want to be efficient, no matter where they are.

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Perfectly fits on

laptops of any size.

For Mac, Windows, Android & Ubuntu.

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New Slide.

The world’s first triple screen extension

for laptops on a single USB.

Triple screen

3 full-hd screen that fit in your case 24/7.

Increasing productivity.

To be the most effective on-the-go and save you time.

Available in 8

surface finishes.

Lava Red, Pure White, Graphite Black,

Sweet Pink Gold,Carbon fiber, Azur Blue,

Magnetic Silver, Cosmopolitan Gold.

A single USB cable.

Working on a single USB cable, instantly.